Samsung Superfast wireless charger 15W


  • The LED light intuitively tells you the charging status of your device with different colours
  • automatically detects when objects interfere during the charge
  • tested to ensure Galaxy device compatibility.
  • Has a built-in cooling system with a fan, so it charges your phone even faster with less power consumption than competing products.
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Samsung Superfast 15W Wireless Charger

Samsung’s Superfast 15W wireless charger promises a convenient and speedy way to power up your compatible Samsung smartphone. The “Superfast” moniker likely indicates it supports faster wireless charging protocols compared to standard wireless chargers, which typically deliver 5W. With 15W, you can expect a noticeable improvement in charging speed, although it won’t be as rapid as wired charging.


While specific details are unavailable, Samsung’s wireless chargers often prioritize a sleek and minimalistic design. Expect a compact pad made from premium materials like glass or rubber. The charger will likely feature an LED indicator that provides visual cues about charging status – solid light for charging, blinking for errors.


This charger will likely work best with Samsung Galaxy smartphones that support fast wireless charging. Compatibility might extend to other Qi-enabled devices, but charging speeds may be limited to the device’s maximum wireless charging capability.

Safety and Features

Samsung prioritizes safety in its products, so you can expect the charger to come with built-in safeguards against overheating, overcurrent, and short circuits. Additional features like foreign object detection and automatic shutoff might be present.


The Samsung Superfast 15W wireless charger offers a convenient and faster alternative to standard wireless charging, particularly for compatible Samsung devices. While it may not be the fastest charging solution, it provides a good balance between speed and ease of use.

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