Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Noise-Canceling Wireless Earphones


  • 2-Way Dynamic Speakers
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Up to 5 Hours of Power with ANC On
  • Charging Case with 15 Additional Hours
  • 3 x Ambient Sound Modes
  • 3 Mics & VPU for Clear Hands-Free Calls
  • Curved Shape Helps Reduce Wind Noise
  • Seamless Auto Switch Between 3 Devices
  • Secure Fit with Intuitive Touch Controls
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Samsung Galaxy Buds2: Noise-Canceling for the Everyday Listener

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 dive headfirst into the ever-competitive true wireless earbud market, offering a compelling package for Android users and Samsung fans alike. While they lack some of the premium features of higher-end models, the Galaxy Buds2 combine solid active noise cancellation (ANC) with a comfortable design and well-rounded sound profile at a competitive price point.

Design: Compact and Comfortable

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 ditch the glossy look of their predecessors for a more matte finish that feels less slippery and more scratch-resistant. They come in four color options: graphite, white, olive green, and lavender. The charging case is small and lightweight, easily pocketable and ideal for carrying around.

The earbuds themselves are compact and lightweight, making them comfortable for extended wear. Samsung has included three sizes of ear tips to ensure a proper fit for most users. This snug fit is crucial for achieving optimal noise cancellation and sound quality.

Active Noise Cancellation: Effective for Everyday Use

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 boast active noise cancellation (ANC) that effectively cuts down on low-frequency noise. While not industry-leading, it does a good job of blocking out ambient sounds like traffic hum, air conditioners, and office chatter. ANC is perfect for improving focus during commutes, workouts, or while trying to concentrate in noisy environments.

For those who need to be aware of their surroundings, the Galaxy Buds2 offer an ambient mode that lets in external sounds. This is useful for staying safe while running outdoors or carrying on conversations without having to remove the earbuds.

Sound Quality: Balanced and Engaging

The Galaxy Buds2 deliver a well-balanced sound profile that caters to a wide range of genres. Bass is present but not overpowering, mids are clear, and highs are crisp without being harsh. Samsung’s proprietary AKG tuning ensures a rich and detailed listening experience.

The earbuds support the SBC and AAC audio codecs, which are widely compatible with most smartphones and tablets. However, they lack higher-fidelity codecs like aptX or LDAC, which might be a drawback for audiophiles seeking the best possible sound quality.

Call Quality and Battery Life

Call quality on the Galaxy Buds2 is decent. The microphones do a good job of picking up your voice and filtering out some background noise. However, call clarity might suffer in very noisy environments.

Battery life is adequate, with the earbuds lasting up to 5 hours with ANC enabled and up to 7 hours with it turned off. The charging case provides an additional two full charges, bringing the total listening time to 20 or 29 hours, depending on ANC usage. The case supports wireless charging, adding a touch of convenience.

Smart Features and Integration

The Galaxy Buds2 integrate seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy devices. Users can take advantage of features like automatic in-ear detection, seamless pairing, and an equalizer within the Galaxy Wearable app. The earbuds also support Bixby voice wake-up, allowing you to control playback and other functions with voice commands.

For non-Samsung devices, the Galaxy Buds2 can still be paired via Bluetooth. However, some of the advanced features and customizations might not be available.

Overall Impression: A Solid Choice for Everyday Use

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 offer a compelling combination of features at a competitive price point. They provide effective noise cancellation for everyday use, comfortable design, well-rounded sound quality, and decent battery life. The seamless integration with Samsung devices is a plus for Android users, while non-Samsung users might miss out on some functionalities.

If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds with ANC that won’t break the bank, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are definitely worth considering. They are a great option for everyday listeners who prioritize comfort, balanced sound, and effective noise cancellation for commutes, workouts, or blocking out distractions. However, audiophiles seeking the absolute best sound quality or those needing class-leading ANC for very noisy environments might want to consider higher-end options.

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