Mercury MPM 3K 0.9PF 3000VA 3KVA 2.7Kw 1/1 phase

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  • Model Name: Mercury MPM 3K (or MPM 3K RT)
  • Type: Line-Interactive UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • VA Rating: 3000VA
  • Watt Rating: 2.7kW
  • Power Factor: 0.9PF
  • Input Voltage: 110~300Vac
  • Output Voltage: 208/220/230/240Vac
  • Output Outlets: RS232 (USB / Dry contact/ SNMP card optional)
  • High power density
  • Smart charge design for optimized battery performance
  • Maximum charging current up to 12A (Long run unit)
  • Emergency power off function (EPO)
  • Energy saving, Cold start & Intelligent fan speed regulation
  • Generator compatible
  • Load segment settable (Optional)
  • Multiple communication interface: RS232 (USB / Dry contact/ SNMP card optional)
    Versatile LCD human-computer interface
  • Multiple protection function: short-circuit, overload, overheat, battery overcharge and overdischarge, output low voltage and fan fault alarm.
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The Mercury MPM 3K (also known as the MPM 3K RT) is a line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide backup power and surge protection for your electronic devices. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

Capacity and Power Output:

  • VA Rating: 3000VA (Volt-Ampere rating, indicates total power handling capacity)
  • Watt Rating: 2.7kW (actual usable power output)
  • Power Factor: 0.9PF (represents the efficiency of power delivery)

These specifications indicate that:

  • The UPS can handle a total load of up to 3000VA, but the usable power output for your devices is 2.7kW.
  • The 0.9PF power factor means it delivers power efficiently, minimizing wasted energy.

Other Features:

  • Line-Interactive Technology: This technology provides short-term battery backup power during outages and regulates incoming voltage to protect your devices from surges and spikes.
  • 1/1 Phase: This indicates the UPS is suitable for single-phase power supplies commonly found in homes and businesses.

In simpler terms:

  • This UPS protects your devices from power outages and surges.
  • It can provide backup power for a short duration during an outage, allowing you to save your work or gracefully shut down connected equipment.
  • The 2.7kW power output is sufficient for powering various electronics like computers, monitors, and networking equipment.

To understand if this UPS is suitable for your needs, consider the total power consumption of the devices you plan to connect. The MPM 3K should be able to handle most basic computer setups, but high-powered gaming PCs or workstations might require a higher capacity UPS.

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