Mercury Elite 2000U SMART Offline UPS 2000VA | 2KVA

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  1. Capacity: 2000VA / 1200W
  2. Input Voltage: 220VAC
  3. Output Voltage: 220VAC ± 10%
  4. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ± 1%
  5. Transfer Time: <10ms
  6. Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid, Maintenance-Free
  7. Battery Quantity: 2 x 12V/9Ah
  8. Backup Time: Approximately 10-20 minutes (depending on the load)
  9. Communication Port: USB
  10. Software: UPSilon2000
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Audible alarms for low battery, overload, and fault conditions
  • Wide input voltage range
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Keeping Your Electronics Safe: A Look at the Mercury Elite 2000U 2000VA  SMART Offline UPS

In today’s world, electronic devices are vital for work, entertainment, and communication. Power outages can disrupt workflow, damage equipment, and cause data loss. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) safeguards your electronics by providing battery backup during power cuts. The Mercury Elite 2000U SMART Offline UPS is a reliable option for home and small office use.

Power Capacity and Backup Time

The Mercury Elite 2000U boasts a capacity of 2000VA, which translates to 1200 watts (W) of continuous power output. This capacity is sufficient to run essential electronics like computers, monitors, routers, and point-of-sale systems during brief power outages. The backup time provided by the UPS depends on the load placed on it. With a typical load, you can expect runtime around 10-20 minutes, allowing for a graceful shutdown of your equipment or uninterrupted operation for short outages.

Offline UPS Technology

The Mercury Elite 2000U is an offline UPS, also known as a standby UPS. In normal operation, the UPS supplies power to your devices directly from the mains supply. When a power outage occurs, the UPS detects the fluctuation and seamlessly switches to battery power within milliseconds, protecting your equipment from surges and complete power loss. Once utility power returns, the UPS automatically switches back and begins recharging the batteries.

Safeguarding Your Equipment

Beyond backup power, the Mercury Elite 2000U offers several features to safeguard your electronics. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) protects your devices from harmful voltage fluctuations, which can damage sensitive components. Overload and short-circuit protection prevent internal damage to the UPS itself in case of excessive power draw. Deep discharge and overcharge protection ensure the longevity of the UPS batteries.

User-Friendly Features and Management

The Mercury Elite 2000U features a user-friendly design with LED status indicators that provide a clear view of operational status, battery level, and potential faults. It also includes audible alarms to notify you of low battery, overload, or other critical events. The UPS communicates with your computer through a USB port, allowing you to monitor its health and configure settings using the included UPSilon2000 software.

Compact Design and Easy Installation

The Mercury Elite 2000U is designed for convenient placement in homes and offices. Its compact size (approximately 147mm x 400mm x 220mm) allows for easy positioning on a desk or shelf. The unit comes with universal output sockets, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Installation is straightforward; simply connect your equipment to the UPS outlets and plug the UPS into the mains supply.

Who Should Consider the Mercury Elite 2000U?

The Mercury Elite 2000U is an ideal solution for home users with computers, gaming consoles, or home entertainment setups. It’s also suitable for small businesses that rely on electronic equipment for daily operations. If you experience frequent power outages or want to safeguard your devices from voltage fluctuations, the Mercury Elite 2000U offers a reliable and affordable option.

In Conclusion

The Mercury Elite 2000U SMART Offline UPS provides a combination of reliable backup power, essential protection features, and user-friendly functionality. With its compact design and easy installation, it’s a valuable addition to any home or small office environment, ensuring the safety and continued operation of your critical electronic devices during power disturbances.

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