JBL Wave Buds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones


  • 8mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Passive Noise-Isolating Design
  • Up to 8 Hours of Playback time
  • Charging Case with 24 Extra Hours
  • IP54-Rated Dust & Water Resistance
  • IPX2-Rated Water Resistant Case
  • 10-Minute Quick Charge for 2 Hours
  • Built-In Mic for Hands-Free Stereo Calls
  • Hear Yourself on Calls with VoiceAware
  • Talk Thru, Smart Ambient & Ambient Aware
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Immerse Yourself in Sound with JBL Wave Buds: A Detailed Look

JBL, a renowned name in audio equipment, brings us the Wave Buds, a pair of true wireless in-ear headphones designed for everyday adventures. Whether you’re hitting the gym, commuting to work, or unwinding at home, these earbuds aim to deliver immersive sound with a comfortable fit and long-lasting battery life. Let’s delve deeper into the features of the JBL Wave Buds and see if they live up to the JBL legacy.

Sound that Thumps: JBL Deep Bass

The core of any good pair of headphones is the audio quality. JBL Wave Buds boast 8mm dynamic drivers, which are essentially the tiny speakers within each earbud. These drivers are tuned to deliver JBL’s signature Deep Bass sound. This translates to rich, powerful bass that elevates your music, especially genres like hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), and anything bass-heavy.

However, some listeners might prefer a more balanced soundscape. While the Wave Buds don’t have an equalizer app for adjustments, the bass emphasis shouldn’t overpower the mids and highs entirely.

Comfort First: Secure and Discreet Design

The JBL Wave Buds sport an ergonomic, in-ear design that prioritizes comfort for extended wear. The snug fit also provides a degree of passive noise isolation, meaning the earbud design itself helps block out some external noise. This can be beneficial for enhancing the bass experience and reducing distractions in noisy environments.

JBL doesn’t advertise any specific size variations for the ear tips, so it’s important to consider if your ears typically adjust well to generic bud sizes. If you have concerns, checking out user reviews or trying them in-store before purchase might be helpful.

All-Day Audio: Power Up Your Playlist

One of the biggest advantages of the JBL Wave Buds is their impressive battery life. The earbuds themselves offer up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge, which is excellent for a day’s worth of listening. The included charging case holds enough power for an additional 24 hours, bringing the total playtime to a remarkable 32 hours.

This extended battery life is perfect for long commutes, road trips, or even weekend getaways without worrying about running out of juice. The Wave Buds also boast a quick charge function. A 10-minute charge within the case provides an additional 2 hours of listening, a lifesaver when you’re short on time.

Stay Aware and Connected: Your On-the-Go Companion

The JBL Wave Buds cater to those who want to stay connected to their surroundings while enjoying their music. The headphones come equipped with Smart Ambient technology. This feature allows you to control how much ambient noise you hear. With Ambient Aware mode on, you can be aware of your surroundings without compromising your music. TalkThru mode takes it a step further, lowering the music volume and amplifying external sounds, making it convenient for quick conversations without removing the earbuds.

These features are particularly useful for safety reasons when running outdoors or navigating crowded streets. Additionally, the Wave Buds have a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, making them a versatile option for work calls or staying connected with loved ones.

Durability You Can Trust: Built to Last

The JBL Wave Buds are built to withstand your active lifestyle. They boast an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance. This means they can handle light rain, splashes, and even dusty environments. Whether you’re caught in a sudden downpour or sweating it out at the gym, the Wave Buds should be able to take the beating. However, it’s important to remember the IPX2 water resistance rating of the case itself. This means the case can only handle light splashes, so avoid submerging it in water.

The Verdict: A Well-Rounded Option for Everyday Use

The JBL Wave Buds offer a compelling package for those seeking a balance between powerful sound, long battery life, and comfortable wear. The emphasis on JBL Deep Bass caters to bass lovers, while the secure, in-ear design provides passive noise isolation. With its impressive 32-hour total playtime and quick charge capabilities, the Wave Buds are ideal for extended use.

The inclusion of Smart Ambient and TalkThru features adds to the versatility, making them suitable for various activities. The IP54 dust and water resistance ensures durability for active lifestyles. While the lack of an EQ app for sound customization might be a drawback for some, the overall feature set makes the JBL Wave Buds a strong contender in the true wireless earbud market, particularly for those who prioritize powerful bass and long-lasting battery life.

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